Davis Computing Solutions is available on a time, material and contact basis. You only pay us if we perform a service and maintenance contracts or blocks of hours are not needed. The majority of our work is billed at the rate of $95 per hour. Some of the more advanced skills may require specialized training and are billed at higher rates. After hours time is billed at a premium. Check with us for specifics. Depot rates are based at $75 per hour for systems brought into the depot for repair.

We offer a number of flexible billing options including:

  • Pay as you go billing based on the prevailiong hourly rate.
  • Projects to perfom specific duties, where the amount does not exceed the quoted amount.
  • Annual maintenance contacts where we are responsible for all IT tasks under the agreements.

You can save substantially by having maintenance contracts, where the contract rate is on the average of 75% the typically hourly rate. Overage charges are approximately 85% the full price.

For Sales and Support Contact us at (510) 943-6200
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