Recent technical advancement has created a competitive market that not only allows businesses to network their corporate computers and provide employees with their own email accounts, it also enables enterprises to market their products or services to a global audience. This new found connectivity using the Internet, has the potential to take any business, of all sizes to customers anywhere in the world.

The loss of continuity, otherwise known as "downtime" in a network is usually measured in terms of dollars. With proper planning, company networks can be designed so as to minimize the potentials for outside intrusion, internal tampering and data disasters.

Cost is always a factor when creating a network. Proper design of a network requires a solid technical background and familiarity of a wide range of available technologies. Even if your network has extra-ordinary requirements, a knowledgable networking staff with years of hands-on experience in network design and implementation becomes invaluable when it comes to making a final dollar decision.

Davis Computing Solutions can assist in you office network solutions in the following ways:

Network Design

Network Design and implementation
Our staff have years of experience designing, planning and implementing Novell Netware and Microsoft NT networks.

Our certified Engineers are ready to provide you with timely solutions to implement your networks from the ground up or integrate with existing systems.

Companies need to communicate electronically more now then ever before. We can implement an email solution as simple as a simple POP3 system, to a corporate system such as Microsoft Exchange or Novell Groupwise.

Network Security
Complete packages that include hardware and on-site integration, and software-only solutions are available. Many of these Firewall products contain VPN solutions, which we can help plan and install.

Network Troubleshooting and Maintenance
We provide a complete network solution. Our goal is to provide a strong migration path to future technologies with the ability to integrate all new infrastructure into existing platforms.

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