Davis Computing Solutions can get your office network on the internet. You do not have to have each computer go through a dial up connection. Your whole network can share a common DSL connection from the DSL internet provider of your choice. If you do not have an ISP, we can help you choose the one for your business environment.

You can use low cost DSL for your networks, or you can have the full bandwidth of a T-1 line. It is your choice, changing from one technology to another is a snap with many firewall/routers today. DSL alone can provide up to 20 times the speed of your current dial up connection.

Give us a call and we can help your office to get "on the net". Once your office is connected, your employees can use the internet tools of their choice, from the web browser to email. Your connection is full time, with no delay of the dial up connections.

Test your DSL speed here:

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