The latest product in the Citrix® MetaFrame® family, Citrix MetaFrame XP™for Windows®, offers three differnet solutions (XPs, XPa, and XPe) that deliver the most powerful platform for application delivery and management specifically optimized for the Internet and to maximize your Microsoft® Windows Server productivity.

  • Citrix MetaFrame XPs - This is the base platform, and includes NFuse 1.7. This cost effective plan helps expand the reach of Windows servers to all users. This solution is recommend more for the single server environment.
  • Citrix MetaFrame XPa - The XPa platform expands on the XPs, including Advance Load Management. This platform is perfect for small to medium businesses, allowing administrators to maintain control over every aspect of the system, including application access, availability and user experience.
  • Citrix MetaFrame XPe - The Citrix MetaFrame XPe caters more to IT administrators in large organizations and multinational corporations can use this tool to manage complex networks and operating systems.

Some of the important features that the Citrix MetaFrame® XP™platforms include are:

  • NFuse 1.7
    Web interface for remote login and application selection.
  • Unparalleled manageability and scale.
    Citrix MetaFrame XP™ provides the power to centrally configure and manage servers and server farms.
  • Ultimate flexibility-any application, any device, over any connection.
    Citrix MetaFrame XP™ enables seamless application access from PCs, laptops, wireless devices, including Macintosh® computers, UNIX® and Linux® workstations.
  • End-to-end security.
    Citrix MetaFrame XP™ provides key capabilities to help companies meet the strategic need to keep applications and information secure. With Citrix Secure Gateway built-in, organizations can deploy applications via the Internet - on demand, to any device.
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